This is an offshoot of the original Liam & Janet blog. That blog has become overrun by Liam's inability to keep his mouth shut when something annoys him. The serious rants there seemed incongruous with the humor columns. The plan for the humor columns continues to be to post a new one every Friday, plus occasional extras when the mood strikes.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Blog Quickie

Today, I was discussing my college days with a couple of the people who shared those days with me, and I came up with this observation:

There is something mildly depressing about being in my 40s and realizing that my idea of a successful weekend has morphed from "Got drunk and woke up next to some hot chick in a strange bed without knowing how I got there" to "Ate a few prunes and was successfully able to poop on Saturday morning".


Blogger Coke said...

Note that that was just his IDEA of a good weekend.

Saturday, July 11, 2009 11:05:00 AM

Blogger Ross said...

The Journal of Irreproducible Results once had an article graphing the relative importance of food, sex, and poop in a human's life as time goes on. As a baby, food and poop are critical and sex unimportant. As you approach the teen years, food decreases to half importance and poop to near zero, while sex rises to critical. As you approach middle age, sex and food decline and poop assumes pre-eminence. It was a terrific graph; I really wish I still had the issue.

Saturday, July 11, 2009 4:55:00 PM

Blogger Liam said...

Y'know, Ross, I'd go look that up, but I really couldn't give a s***.


Saturday, July 11, 2009 5:50:00 PM

Blogger Liam said...

Which reminds me of one of the best off-the-cuff conversations I ever had.

Back in college, a batch of us were talking about psychology class, and one of the guys was talking about how in his class, they were studying the psychological tendency of people to rush through the simple pleasures of life.

So this friend, always a bit more careful with his language than the average college student, mentioned that on the list the lecturer mentioned were things like a good meal, a beautiful day and even a nice defecation.

At this, another friend said "I can see the meals and the nice days, but I just never found defecation to be all that pleasurable."

And without dropping a beat, Neil, the sort to sit quietly and then come out with the perfect line, looked up from his book and said "Well then, Eddie, I guess defecation doesn't mean s*** to you."

Saturday, July 11, 2009 6:03:00 PM

Anonymous Stinky Dave said...

I went to the bar last night and left at 2 with a "10",,,,only to wake up at 10 with a "2"

Monday, August 24, 2009 12:58:00 AM


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