This is an offshoot of the original Liam & Janet blog. That blog has become overrun by Liam's inability to keep his mouth shut when something annoys him. The serious rants there seemed incongruous with the humor columns. The plan for the humor columns continues to be to post a new one every Friday, plus occasional extras when the mood strikes.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Still no word from my muse, still no column, but I had a funny thought tonight, so I thought I'd post it here in lieu of column (or until I can get one written).

On my other blog today, I posted a rant about racism in the media coverage of the New Orleans tragedy. I railed about how after years of supposedly equal rights, the media still presumes that, in the same situation, whites are behaving nobly and African Americans are behaving criminally. But it was driven home to me as I was doing laundry that I can't fairly cast the first stone. Why? Because I let the whites go first.


This Week's Essay

This week, I'll be delayed on posting an essay.

Two things occured this week that made writing a column difficult.

First, I've had a migraine which, thankfully, finally abated yesterday. Still, it's hard to concentrate (and harder to try to be funny) when in the grip of one of those things.

Second, I have relatives (or more correctly, my wife does) who live in Louisiana, and it's been kind of hard to focus on normal aspects of life while trying to find out what has been going on.

For those who would ask, as far as we have been able to determine, none of Janet's family and friends have been injured. A few are homeless, but all are safely out of New Orleans and living with relatives.

I'm going to try to work up the frame of mind to write something funny sometime this weekend, and I'll post it late.


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