This is an offshoot of the original Liam & Janet blog. That blog has become overrun by Liam's inability to keep his mouth shut when something annoys him. The serious rants there seemed incongruous with the humor columns. The plan for the humor columns continues to be to post a new one every Friday, plus occasional extras when the mood strikes.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Extreme Apologies

Those of my readers who receive the FeedBlitz subscription to this blog will have noticed that you received two distinctly NOT humorous posts yesterday.

I tried a new method of posting to my more political (and less funny) blog yesterday and somehow things aimed for that blog got posted here.

I have corrected the problem and it shouldn't happen again.

In the mean time, please accept my sincere apologies and know that I will work extra hard to try to find something funny to say on here in the next several days to make up for it (since it's been about two months).

I'm so very sorry!



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